Welcome! I am Vaulton, the treasurer of the Kingdom of Winternia.
I’m in charge of the kingdom’s finances, and I also see off translators on their journeys.
I’ve been called a walking encyclopedia of the kingdom, so feel free to ask me anything.

Is this service free to use?

Of course. It is free to use for both translators and editors. However, in the future there will be a fee for clients to request translations.

How do I become a translator?

Currently as of Turkenista year 828 (August 2019 AD), translators are being selected from the “Translator Community” Facebook group. If you apply and pass the selection process that is held periodically you will become an official translator and be able to participate. First, head over to the “Translator Community”!

How do I request a translation?

Thank you, we warmly welcome your requests. We are currently undergoing a proof of concept. Requests will resume being accepted after the proof of concept ends. For details, please email

What are quests?

Ho, ho, ho. Quests are translation requests from clients. A variety of quests will appear on the quest board in the middle of town. Check it every day to not miss any!

How do I receive quests?

Well aren’t you an eager beaver! I like you! There are lots of requests to try and translate from the quest board which can be found under the “Quest” menu at the top of the page!

What does “Translate” and “Edit” mean?

Good question! In this world, “Translate” means to translate source text into English (only from Japanese to English at first), and those who translate are called translators. “Revise” refers to making edits and/or revisions to translations, and those who edit/or revise are called editors. Both are eligible translators from the “Translator Community.”

Are there any rewards for finishing translations?

Of course! Translators can receive the blockchain token HON for accepted translations. By acquiring HON, it’s also simple proof of one’s translation skills that you can show off to others.

How do I use HON?

Acquired HON can be exchanged for special bonuses and experiences you can only get on Tokyo Honyaku Quest (currently being prepared). Soon, HON will also be able to be exchanged for the community currency Otaku Coin at an even exchange rate. Exchanging HON for Otaku Coin can be done through the Otaku Coin Official App. Here is more about Otaku Coin.

I heard there are special bonuses for completing translations

Hmm, where did you hear that secret?... But yes, that is correct. A special bonus can be earned from Anime!Anime! news articles only based on the number of page views of the translated English articles. And since I, the treasurer, are saying it, you can bank on it! Because it’s news, it’s important to have high quality translations as quick as possible.

How do I increase my level (Lv)?

Translators can acquire HON as payment when a translation is accepted by the client. Your Lv (level) will rise after you reach a specific amount of HON. You can see how much more HON is needed to reach the next level under “Status,” so take on lots of requests and becomea high-ranking translator!

How do I complete quests?

1) A client requests a translation through the site
2) A translator accepts the request to translate
3) An editor will review the translated text and suggest corrections and revisions
4) The original translator reviews the edited translation and accepts or rejects it
5) The client reviews the finalized translation and accepts or rejects it
6) If accepted, the translator and editor both receive HON

If a translation is rejected by a client, the process reverts back to Step 3) and the translation is reviewed by a different editor. Steps 3) - 5) are repeated until the translation is accepted by the client within the time period.

How much HON will I receive for translating?

What a great question, this one is right up my alley as treasurer!
The reward for completing a translation request is split between the translator and editor(s) as follows.

● Translations that are accepted after one round of editing:
・Translator: 70%
・Editor: 30%

*The same percentages apply to special bonuses.

● Translations that are accepted after two rounds of editing:
・Translator: 60%
・Editor: 20% each

*The same percentages apply to special bonuses.

● Translations that are accepted after three or more rounds of editing:
・Translator: 60%
・First editor: 15%
・Middle editor(s): 5% divided among the amount of editors
・Final editor: 20%

*Special bonuses will be given to the translator (75%) and final editor (25%) only.

Decimal points are rounded down and the remainder is granted to the translator.

What is a proof of concept?

Another good question. Because Tokyo Honyaku Quest is a service based on a new concept, we have started the service experimentally with minimal functions in order to see how smoothly the service flows for those who want to translate and those who want to make requestsso that we can grow the service while verifying that each part is functioning well. Therefore, there is a possibility that the service may change drastically from its early concept or that it may be terminated in its early stage. Please understand this beforehand. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Where will translated news articles be published?

As expected, another great question. The translations will be published on Anime!Anime! and its English site, Anime Anime Global.

What if I want other translations, or to translate into another language?

You’re a real go-getter, I like that. You can send requests to and theywill be passed on to the King of Winternia, Fongoni XIV. We look forward to your requests.

What if I want to quit being a translator?

Well, it is indeed unfortunate but currently there is no way to do so. We apologize for the trouble, but please send your Facebook account name and the email address registered to your account to We sincerely hope you will join us as a translator again.